18th may 2022

Live webinars and virtual stands for the presentation of Mazzaroppi innovations

Virtual fair - A marketing campaign

The Customer's Request

Organizing the first virtual fair 

Mazzaroppi, a cutting-edge company operating in the world of the glass industry and loyal customer of our, contacted us to develop and organize their first virtual fair.

The purpose of the event was to globally expand their customer portfolio, involving them with virtual but live product presentation events, allowing them to visit the stands where they can discover the company's innovations, just like in a real and face-to-face fair.


The Smart Eventi proposal

Designing graphics and virtual booth, communication and organizing live webinars

Upon request, through the platform virtual hyper smarter labor Guru Marketing unit has taken steps to recreate the right setting, the stands, the graphics, and all the tools necessary to highlight the peculiarities and advantages of Mazzaroppi products. At the same time, through social media, and in particular Linkedin, possible customers from all over the world were contacted, promoting and sponsoring the fair, inviting them to participate by creating their personalized avatars, moving freely between the various stands, consulting the brochures and product sheets and finally, participate in webinars simultaneously from all over the world.


Achieved Results

Aumento del numero dei contatti e acquisizione di nuovi clienti internazionali

The fair was successful, managing to put the company in contact with 100 international customers.

In the face of success, a great deal of research is to be able to find the right time zone that would allow the realization of the live event.

Exchange of information, promotional activities, creation of graphics, and organization of the webinar, have satisfied the needs of our customer who has returned to contact us to organize an event in attendance, the Glasstec fair in Düsseldorf in September 2022.


Virtual fair - A marketing campaign


Create a virtual fair (graphics / 20 different stands)

Increase customer portfolio

Live contact between customers

Promotional graphics and brochures

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