Milan, the stage for new Lutron lighting technologies


The Customer's Request

Organize the event at the end of the European tour to launch and present the new technology

We were contacted by the Lutron company, born in the USA, and today famous all over the world for the lighting of the major international works of architectural ingenuity, to support them in organizing the final stage of a "tour" of meetings and conventions during the year in Europe, to promote and make its employees aware of the latest lighting innovations proposed on the market.

A fundamental part of the request was to find a location that amazed the guests, inserted in the Milanese context, historical that would imprint in the minds of the guests a memory of the last stage of the tour.


The Smart Eventi proposal

Historic location and detailed organization of the event

The organization, therefore, started from the main focus: the location. Our location managers immediately proposed a historical villa, located in Corso Venezia, a place characterized by monumental rooms, majestic decorations, and rich history. It was perfect for our client, so much that he decided to book the space for the event date in that moment.

We took care of all the set-up and catering services, in collaboration with two of our trusted suppliers, the audio and lighting service, the direction of the event, the setting up of a stage with led walls for the convention, and the hostess service.

Finally, we gave our support in the logistical organization of the spaces and the setting up of a “cube” - a test station for the new lighting technology presented during the convention.


Achieved results

Successful event, satisfied customer and amazed guests 

The meticulous and detailed organization made it possible to manage the event without any problem. The location had the response we wanted, both for the historic majesty and the purposes of the client's dreams.

The event ended with positive feedback from the client and the agency with which we collaborated for the realization of the event, and we made agreements for the realization of their next event scheduled in December.

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