12th October 2023

Showcasing a great product with a fantastic event!

Event planning, venue scouting, catering, technical service, administrative support

The client request

An exlusive preview

Winterhalter Gastronom GmBH sought an exclusive preview experience for select attendees, offering unique access to a brand new product that had not yet hit the market. All of this was to take place in a one-of-a-kind, tech-savvy venue that would wow potential clients as the new product was unveiled at the Host Trade Show. The product in question was a new industrial dishwasher that was to be showcased in presentations, meetings, and workshops.

The Smart Eventi proposal

A matchless venue

A matchless venue was chosen for Winterhalter Gastronom GmBH's product kickoff: the piece the resistance were the expansive glass walls, that worked perfectly in highlighting the product's concept and making sure it was the focus of everyone’s attention. The space was equipped with necessary technical equipment and lighting for a dramatic product launch. Easy venue access and high-quality services guaranteed a successful event. This included location scouting on our part, as well as catering management, facilitating technical services, and providing admin support.

Achived results

A successful event

The client was delighted to notice that the audience was captivated by each aspect of this successful event—from the location and catering to the atmosphere, and, above all, the product, which commanded attention. This was the paramount goal.


Event planning, venue scouting, catering, technical service, administrative support


Hosting a launch event for a product aimed at a B2B audience

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